Keep on toasting - The 1st gourmet foodtruck in Brussels
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Quality catering for your events! 

Like zakouski, like tapas, to share, four recipes of season served “à volonté”, there are many ways to serve the croque to make your event stand out!

The foodtruck goes everywhere in Belgium for your event between 30 and 300 people, at sharp prices. With a generator and mobile cooking devices, the chef works as efficiently inside or outside. 


Food truck pour événements en Belgique



Wedding, Birthday, party, any gathering is a good reason to book Keep on Toasting. Jean-Baptiste will find what matches your wishes.

Your friends will be astonished!


Et Corporate

Impress your guests with an unusual catering !

Keep on Toasting serves business lunches with “à volonté” croques, desserts, drinks for up to 300 people, and quickly.

Jean-Baptiste takes care of everything.